About Curtis King

Hello, nice to meet you! I'm Curtis, and I write great content.

I'm currently working part-time on the ClearVoice platform with multiple clients, including MWTherapy.com, EventEspresso.com, and Paymentforstripe.com. 

My portfolio includes creating blogs, optimizing copywriting for websites, and crafting well-researched informative articles. When I'm not writing SaaS or just plain B2B content, I love flexing my creative writing muscles. I'm currently writing an eBook that's a compilation of science fiction short stories.

My favorite projects include working with small companies, where we can measure growth through solid content strategy and SEO.

Before writing, I was a traveling new restaurant opening manager for almost six years. The 16-hour days and nonexistent work-life balance acted as the metaphorical dagger in the heart of my career. For three years now, I've been writing full time as a "digital nomad" traveling the world while pouring my passion into work.

So if magnificent error-free content, riddled with experience, creativity, and mountains of research is your thing, we should work together.


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